Water and Fire Design

Water and Fire

Water and fire

Landscaping Glass

Landscaping glass is used to bring more color into your landscapes. The beauty found in this glass will not fade and it will make your landscaping look like it was designed by a professional. There are so many areas of your yard that you can use landscaping glass in. The possibilities are endless with the variety of colors and sizes of landscape glass that are available.

Arranging glass is an extraordinary method to make the vibe of streaming water. There are numerous varieties of blue tints that will make a fascinating blend and show the numerous hues you would find in water. The Bahama Blend has a blend of lighter blues and darker blues that make us consider days on the sea shore with streaming waves.

This plan gives a fly of shading to your current stone bed. Utilize a couple of pots to and fill them with finishing glass. Ensure one of these pots is spilled so it would appear that your arranging glass is spilling out of it. This plan is near a pool. It gives a fun loving feel of the arranging glass streaming into the pool to top it off like a stream into a lake.


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